About us

Bayside School of Chemistry is a new business that has been created to provide learning resources and eventually after school classes, for students studying VCE CHEMISTRY. We have identified that many students are dissatisfied with the chemistry text book they are using at school. This has created a need for students to access other material that is; more relevant to the study design; more thorough and written using a style and language that is easier for students to understand.

As we are new, we want as many people to know about us as possible.  This is why we are giving away a free pdf book covering the whole units 3 chemistry course!  To download this book visit the Unit 3 Chemistry Tutor 2020 (Free Download) page.

The word “tutor” in the title of our books is very appropriate.  When you read our books we want you to feel as though you are communicating with a highly skilled and experienced teacher who is emphasising key points and elaborating on areas that are inherently difficult.

While we are based in the bayside area we are in no way restricted to just serving the bayside suburbs.  It is our mission to have every VCE chemistry student in the state of Victoria benefit from our wonderful learning resources!